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Welcome Message from the Bishop

Welcome to St. Luke's New Website!

The Church is about teaching, preaching, evangelizing and reaching out on mission. The church must aim for growth in both numbers and spiritual and physical development that reflects true transformation of lives.

As St. Paul’s describes in his letter to the Corinthian church: “Spiritual gifts are called ‘spiritual’ because they come from the spirit of God. In his letters, Paul provided three lists of spiritual gifts (1cor. 12:1-31; Rom.12:3-8; Eph. 4:11). Since the lists are not identical, they appear as examples, not comprehensive lists of spiritual gifts. In the same way in this church let us allow the Holy Spirit to inspire us in diverse ways in order to enrich the same fellowship that binds us together in all areas of operation.

We encourage each one in this church to take your rightful position and play your role in enhancing the Kingdom of God. To our brethren out there come and share with us your God-given gifts and talents in both the growth and in the development of St. Luke’s church. Remember that whatever you do or give our Father in heaven will always bless you and finally give you eternal rewards. Amen.

Rt. Rev. Stephen Kewasis Nyorsok